Coming to the end of a project? Do you have scratched glass? Do you need it repaired quickly and cost effectively?

The Glass ScratchOut team are all highly skilled, time-served glass polishers enabling the technicians to offer our customers the very best services across Gauteng, Tshwane and Kwazulu-Natal. and to the highest level of workmanship.

The replacement of glass can cost thousands of Rands which can be even higher if you add in the costs of delivery, installation, lifting equipment, equipment hire and the installation clean down. We can restore your glass saving you up to 50% of the original cost.

In addition, replacement of glass can take weeks to be manufactured and delivered. For those companies working on tight deadlines, our glass scratch repair and glass polishing service is the solution. We are able to work on any size construction site, or any size of glass that needs repairing. Our team of glass polishers can attend to your site at any time during the project and restore the glass back to its original look. No job too big or too small.

All of our technicians have had extensive training in the art of glass polishing, scratch repair, weld splatter, grind splatter and damage caused by surface contaminants. Even if you think your glass is too damaged to be repaired give Glass ScratchOut a call first. Accidents happen! Whether it is transit damage, weld spatter damage, damage from construction debris or just general wear and tear, we can provide specialist onsite repairs.

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